Use the exaas Expert Platform internally to unleash the Knowledge of Your in-House Experts

exaas makes all skills in your company transparent and accessible in order to use existing expertise successfully.

A Software for the in-House Skill and Expert Management

Use exaas to manage all your experts and their skills in one place to close capability gaps and drive innovation.

Typical Use Cases

Quickly find the right employees for upcoming projects
Consult in-house experts at short notice to get answers to urgent questions
Easily access the knowledge of external experts and partners

"If only we knew what we know ..."

All large companies are facing the challenge to use the combined knowledge of their employees in the best possible way. exaas has made it its mission to support you in this task.

Multifunctional Innovation Tool

Efficient Search Function

Full text search and filter features always deliver matching results

Informative Expert Profiles

The well-structured design leaves no questions unanswered

Direct Interaction

A calendar integration enables the direct booking of an exchange meeting

Benefits For Your Company

Better exchange between departments saves time and money
Fast access to knowledge accelerates development processes
Good workforce planning results in more successful projects
Easy access to resources increases employee satisfaction

Ongoing Support

Onboarding Service

The exaas team supports your employees in creating the expert profiles

Skill Tag Management

exaas provides a standardized and comprehensive classification of the expertise spectrum

Technical Support

You and your employees can always contact the exaas team if there are any questions

Unlimited access to expert knowledge even if it is not available internally

External Experts from the exaas Network

Access the exaas expert network with hundreds of independent experts from various fields of industrial technologies

Partner Experts from Suppliers or Universities

Invite your long-term partners from suppliers or universities to join your company expert network

Give your team access to unlimited knowledge.

With exaas, your employees can answer difficult questions quickly and reliably with the help of external experts.

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