Can design adaptations save costs?


Can design adaptations save costs?

The Problem

40% of all components could be produced more cost-effectively if they were designed for manufacturing. Individual design details quickly lead to unnecessarily high material requirements, increased cycle times in the manufacturing process, unnecessary reworking steps or increased tooling costs.
Mostly, however, these interrelationships only become transparent very late in the procurement process or only during production. At this point it is often too late and the subsequent changes lead to unnecessary effort and project delays.

Can design adaptations save costs?

The Solution

"Design-for-Manufacturing" is the keyword. In the course of the "Design Check", experts of the respective manufacturing process examine the component for cost saving potentials already in the development phase. In the process, they answer the most important questions:


Can I save material by adapting the design?

Which design details cause unnecessary processing steps?

Could I shorten the processing time by clever component design?

Can design adaptations save costs?

How it Works

After you have registered with exaas, you will have access to experts who will support you with a "Design Check" for the manufacturing process of your component. Either you discuss your component live and interactively via screen sharing or you provide the expert with the component drawings for offline analysis.
No worries, exaas ensures confidentiality between all parties by means of previously concluded agreements.

“A lot of components are not designed with the manufacturing perspective in mind. This often leads to problems in the production process and above all to unnecessarily high production costs! Using a DESIGN CHECK, constructional potentials can be identified in the early development phase and consequently material, cycle times or reworking can be reduced.”

Juri Müller

Injection Moulding Expert
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