How do I eliminate the cost drivers of my assembly?


How do I eliminate the cost drivers of my assembly?

The Problem

80% of the controllable production costs are defined by the developers in the concept phase. Usually, the engineers and designers are not aware of the later cost drivers of the assembly at this stage. The number of individual components plays a major role here, as this increases processing, assembly and handling times disproportionately. The "rule of ten" states that the costs of troubleshooting increase by a factor of 10 at each later stage of the product life cycle. Therefore the concept phase is the right time to act with foresight.

How do I eliminate the cost drivers of my assembly?

The Solution

A structured Design-for-Manufacturing-and-Assembly approach helps to identify cost drivers at an early stage of design.
Together with your developers and on the basis of your concrete assembly, the exaas experts answer the most important questions:


Where are the cost drivers?

How can the number of components of my assembly be systematically reduced?

How can components be combined and what is the cost influence of this measure?

Which alternative production methods are available for the components?

How do I eliminate the cost drivers of my assembly?

How it works

After you have registered with exaas, you will get access to experts who will support you with a "DFA Check". The best results are achieved within a workshop format at the customer's site. But be warned! It will not be a comfortable frontal lecture, but an exhausting intensive exchange based on your individual product.

“80% of the costs are determined in the concept phase. Here you have the greatest leverage to reduce manufacturing and assembly costs to a minimum – even before they arise. A structured DFA-CHECK helps to identify and eliminate the cost drivers.”

Bernd Haussmann

DFMA Expert
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