Is the component design manufacturable?

Feasibility Check

Is the component design manufacturable?

The Problem

The manufacturing perspective is often insufficiently considered during the design phase. Sooner or later these problems become transparent and lead to expensive subsequent changes, high coordination efforts and unnecessarily high manufacturing costs.

Is the component design manufacturable?

The Solution

The good news first: It can be avoided! Process experts recognize the constructive deficits even without finalized production drawings and support you in adapting the design.
Based on a structured analysis, the experts work with you to answer the most important questions:


Can the component design be manufactured using the planned process?

Which constructive adjustments have to be made?

Are the requirements of the process and the tools taken into account in my component design?

Are there still constructive potentials for cost savings?

Is the component design manufacturable?

How it works

After you have registered with exaas, you get access to experts who support you with a "Feasibility Check" in your production process. Either you discuss your component live and interactively via screen sharing or you provide the expert with the component as step file.
No worries exaas ensures the confidentiality between all parties by means of a previously concluded agreement.

“60% of all components that are requested from the manufacturer have to be adapted again in order to be able to manufacture them at all. The smallest design details often lead to greatly increased production costs or problems in the process. With a FEASIBILITY CHECK, these deficits can be eliminated during the development phase, thus saving time and money. “

Ronny Aspacher

Die Casting Expert
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