What is the best manufacturing process?


What is the best manufacturing process?

The Problem

Although components can be manufactured using different processes, each process has its own specific capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, especially in the medium volume range, where different processes are often available. Alternative processes are not always considered due to historical reasons or lack of knowledge, although there is a great potential for cost savings. As a result, many components are manufactured using the wrong process and the potential of alternative manufacturing methods remains closed. 

What is the best manufacturing process?

The Solution

exaas experts advise you in the structured selection of the best manufacturing process - from classic casting processes to new additive manufacturing processes.
Our experts answer the most important questions both for new developments and existing components:


Which component parameters determine the manufacturing process?

Which design features require a special process?

Which process is best suited for the component?

What is the best manufacturing process?

How it works

After you have registered with exaas, you will have access to experts who will support you in a "technology check" for your concept or your concrete component. Either you discuss your component live and interactively via screen-sharing or you provide the expert with the drawings in order to make the analyses offline.
No worries, exaas ensures the confidentiality between all parties by means of a previously concluded agreement.

“The successful use of alternative technologies, such as industrial 3D printing, requires a different way of thinking and approach. Many hold on to old thinking patterns and use the wrong technology or material due to a lack of knowledge. A structured TECHNOLOGY CHECK provides support in selecting the right set-up for the individual application.”

Johannes Lutz

Additive Manufacturing Expert
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