What will the manufacturing cost be?


What will the manufacturing cost be?

The Problem

80% of the production costs that can be influenced remain in the hands of the designers. During the development phase, however, the expected component costs are usually not known. This means that the necessary transparency regarding cost drivers and influencing factors is lacking in order to be able to make the right decision between technological alternatives.

What will the manufacturing cost be?

The Solution

The solution is provided by the exaas Cost Experts. On the basis of thousands of data records on material, energy, personnel, machine and logistics costs as well as a deep understanding of the necessary work sequences, the experts produce a detailed component calculation. The experts thus provide the answers:


Which work steps are necessary to produce my component?

How high are the material, tooling, machine, personnel and logistics costs?

What are the cost drivers of my component?

Where is the most favorable production location?

What will the manufacturing cost be?

How it Works

After you have registered with exaas, you get access to experts who support you with a "Cost Check" for your component.
You provide the expert with the component drawings as well as information on quantities and procurement preferences in digital form.
The expert then creates a structured component calculation. After the documentation has been made available to you digitally, you discuss the costing results with the expert in a web session.

“Knowing the cost structures of a component is not only relevant for success in the purchasing process. With a COST CHECK, developers and designers are given a tool already in the development phase to make the right design decisions on the basis of predicted component costs.”

Wolfgang Sievers

Costing Expert
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