Frequently Asked Questions

exaas (from “expertise as a service”) is an online service with the goal to give industrial companies access to external expert knowledge. Especially in the industrial technology space there are questions that are hard to answer and not every company has the resources to keep process experts at hand. That is why we find the right experts and provide a fast and reliable access to their services.

The experts are, on the one hand, consulting firms or independent consultants who specialize in certain manufacturing processes or technologies. However, one of the most important groups of experts are companies such as contract manufacturers or toolmakers, who have enormous shop-floor expertise and can immediately identify both potential and problems on the basis of the production drawing. All experts are chosen and vetted by the team to make sure only high quality work is done through exaas.

For now experts will send invoices directly to the customers they worked for. In the near future, in order to relieve everyone from bureaucratic work, we take care of the entire billing process. Exept for very large projects, all services that are booked via exaas will also be invoiced by us. This means that only exaas needs to be set up as supplier in your purchasing system. As an expert, you will be compensated for your services from exaas accordingly.

The hourly and daily rates are set by the experts and are within a range that is usual in the industry.

Initially our customers and experts have to sign a non-disclosure agreement between each other to be able to start working together. In the near future, exaas will conclude a non-disclosure agreement with all customers and each expert, so that all orders carried out via our platform are subject to secrecy. Furthermore, both parties, customers and experts, have the possibility to refuse to cooperate with certain companies, e.g. competitors.

Give your team access to unlimited knowledge.

With exaas, your employees can answer difficult questions quickly and reliably with the help of external experts.

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