Workforce Transformation

Make provisions today for the skilled workers of tomorrow. We support you in this by providing transparency about the knowledge situation and deriving future knowledge fields on the basis of the corporate strategy. Supported by the exaas platform, the transformation in the company can be advanced holistically. Finding talent has never been so easy.

Our Workforce Transformation identifies skills potential and deficits in the company at an early stage and submits various proposals to the company to efficiently close knowledge gaps.

Timo Dotzauer
Managing Director | exaas GmbH

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exaas - Workfence Transformation - Customised Transparency


Clear presentation of the knowledge situation in the company across all areas.

Success factor

Identify employees’ qualification potential and deficits and thus develop employees in a targeted manner.

exaas - Workfence Transformation - Success Factor
exaas - Solution - Costs down

Customised training budget

No more watering cans but targeted training budgets to achieve maximum efficiency.

Together. Strategically.

Uniting the interests and development paths of employees with the corporate strategy

exaas - Workfence Transformation - Strategic

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