Intelligent Staffing

Keep an eye on the skills of your staff at all times. Optimal staffing of your projects with the necessary skills in the shortest possible time thanks to integrated personnel planning.

Project and staff planning made easy: Thanks to our "Intelligent Staffing" function, our customers benefit from automatically updated employee profiles and optimal project assignments - even in the event of a bottleneck.

Timo Dotzauer
Managing Director | exaas GmbH

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exaas - Intelligent Staffing - Automated Staffing

Automated Staffing

Automatic staffing of projects according to the best-match method. So that your projects get the skills they deserve.

Alternative Staffing

Automatically generated staffing alternatives according to your priorities. Whether the project should start promptly or wait for the best skillsetting? You tell us your priority, we do the rest.

exaas - Intelligent Staffing - Altenrative Staffing
exaas - Intelligent Staffing - Workbench

Extended Workbench included

Integrated extended workbench for fast staffing even in bottlenecks. But it also works the other way round. You want to offer your capacities, use internal experts for external, billable tasks with just one click.

No Overhead

Concentrate on your core business, we take care of the rest. Thanks to our full-service approach, we take care of the administrative tasks.

exaas - Intelligent Staffing - Overhead

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