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An intuitive search for your company. Find what you are really looking for – quickly and securely. Designed to provide every employee with the information they really need – without any special knowledge.

Did you know that on average 1.5 hours of working time are spent to find the information that is really needed?

Timo Dotzauer
Managing Director | exaas GmbH

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exaas - Knowledge Hub - Boundless


Designed for large amounts of data and equipped with appropriate connectors, you decide where the border runs. Thanks to a wide range of integration options, the platform can be connected to the systems in which the company’s knowledge is available.


Thanks to our AI, we also find what was not said but meant. Using the latest NLP and other approaches, we make it possible to find information efficiently.

exaas - Knowledge Hub - Meant
exaas - Knowledge Hub - Dynamic


New knowledge is constantly being created in companies. By continuously analysing the entire data stream in the company, we can find knowledge when it is created.


With our searchbar approach, we enable intuitive and clear use of the platform. But also the integration of the AI into your individual application is possible thanks to API Access.

exaas - Knowledge Hub - Versatile

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