Knowledge Hub

An intuitive search for your company. Find what you are really looking for - quickly and securely. Designed to provide every employee with the information they really need - without any special knowledge.

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Expert Finder

Fast-moving world - fast answers. Finding experts is crucial in many industries. Experts are needed in various situations in everyday business. We find them for you while the market competitor is still looking.

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Intelligent Staffing

Keep an eye on the skills of your staff at all times. Optimal staffing of your projects with the necessary skills in the shortest possible time thanks to integrated personnel planning.

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Workforce Transformation

Make provisions today for the skilled workers of tomorrow. We support you in this by providing transparency about the knowledge situation and deriving future knowledge fields on the basis of the corporate strategy. Supported by the exaas platform, the transformation in the company can be advanced holistically. Finding talent has never been so easy.

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The world is in a constant state of change. In order to survive successfully in this change, existing knowledge must be used efficiently, new knowledge must be acquired in a targeted manner and strategies must be implemented holistically.

The exaas platform is the key to knowing what they know.

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exaas - Solution - Efficiency up

Efficiency up

Quickly find relevant information. Direct contact with the real experts in the company. Efficient planning of new projects. These are just a few examples of how exaas increases efficiency in the company.

Costs down

Significant reduction of process costs through efficient finding of really relevant information and experts.

exaas - Solution - Costs down

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